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room of the Aquila Reale

We invite you to read here following our Rule to take vision of some simple rules to respect.

We remember besides you that:

- for any controversy will be compretente the Court of Syracuse
- for the used bookings one any of ours you deliver to the page contact us

tel. +39 0931 842411 - cell. +39 333 9067048 - e-mail:

- 1) The room has to be busy between 4 pm and 8 pm. Every other schedule of arrival must be arranges during the booking or communicated at least three days before the date of arrival.
- 2) The room must have freed within the hours 10 of the day of departure. Every other schedule must preventively be arranges.
- 3) The breakfast is served to the schedule agreement the preceding day and however within the hours 10.
- 4) To the arrival it is necessary to introduce, from every guest, a document of identity in progress of validity, for the recording according to the vigentis provisions of the law. In defect, we cannot Absolutely entertain you.
- 5) Animals are not admitted inside the structure.
- 6) It's forbidden to smoke inside the B&B.
- 7) It's forbidden to prepare or to consume meals inside the rooms.
- 8) It must have been being observes to her times total silence for 10 pm 8, and from 2 pm to her times 16. In every case it must have maintained a behavior that in any moment of the giornta and in any way you damage other people's calm.
- 9) It's forbidden to bring anything that is found in the rooms to the outside, in the baths, or however in the inside places to disposition of the guests, without preventive accord.
10) It's forbidden to bring in the rooms material bulky as ombrelloni, sediesdraio, materassini, etc; it is forbidden besides to bring damp or wet garments.
11) We are not in some way responsible of the objects of Your ownership left in the rooms. However, to greater guardianship, it is to free disposition of the guests a safe inside every room.